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Organically pest management

Mixed leaves extract: Meterials:3kg of neem leaves,2kg of custard apple leaves,2kg of papaya leaves,2 kg of pomegranate leaves,2kg guava leaves, and 10liters cow urine.
Procedure method: 1st we collect the 5 leaves and cow urine. Then crush the above all recommended leaves. Then boil the cow urine or water and all leaves. Boil the mixture after some intervals of time till the mixture becomes half of the starting time. Then keep the mixture for 24 hours, filter the extract. This mixture store in a bottle. It can be stored up to 6 months.
Application: Prepared extract apply on the field on evening or early morning. This preparation diluted 3 liters in 50 liters of water. It solution spray on the sprayer in one acre area.
Effects: it is resistive for nature against the insects, est and disease. It is help for the plant to protect the insect and pest, and to increase the vegetative growth and plant shelf life.
Advantage: It is fully natural and low cost. It is available for a village. Pomegranate help to reduce the insect pest. Guava leaves to achieve the medical use for curation of disease.
Dishpan extract:
Raw Materials: Neems leaves 5kg, Vitex negundo (Nisindha) leaves 2kg, Aristolochia (pipavine) leaves 2kg,Carica papaya (papaya)leaves 2kg,Tinospora cordifolia (Gulancha) leaves 2kg,Annona squamosal (custard Apple) leaves 2kg,Pongamia pinnata (karanja) leaves 2kg,Ricinus communis (castor) leaves 2kg,Nerium insicum (karavi ,kaner) leaves 2kg,Calotropis procera (rubber) leaves 2kg,Green chilli paste 2kg,Garlic paste 2kg, Fresh cow dung 3kg, Fresh cow urine 5liters.
Procedure method: It is very easy to made this preparation. Firstly, above all leaves are crushed, and thin mix the all meterials. Then it mixed 200 liters of water. And it farmented upto one month. It is shake regularly three to five time. And finally it filter this mixture and spray and stored upto 6 months.
Application: Mixture should be applied on evening or early morning. It uses by the help of sprayer. This solution is used in one acre area.
Effect: This solution useful for control of pest like thrips, leafhopper, leaf folder etc. This solution is help to increase the microbial activity in soil.
Advantage: It is very easily prepared. It is low cost solution. It is made locally available leaves. Different type of leaves are doing different work like Neems helps to ovi-position deterrent effect, cow dung help to increase the microbial activity in soil.
Cow urine extract:
Materials: Fresh cow urine 5liters, water 40 liters and a container.
Procedure: Above the all materials are collect and simply mixed. Then upto 10 to 15 minute mixed the solution and spray.
Application: This solution must be spread on the evening time or early morning. Above solution are spread on one acre area.
Effects: It is highly effective for the plant to control the insect, pest attack. Then the pest is attracted to the insect pest nectar and die and plant are prevented.
Advantage: It is locally available. It is low cost solution. The main important is urine has huge amount of urea that urea present in toxic and that toxic are help to reduce the insect pest control that pest or insect are not hamper the plant bud or leaves.
Cold water spray:
Materials:  cold water and sprayer.
Application: simply cold water is collect and spray. You have a freeze then you collect the freez water and simply mixed the normal water and spray morning and evening.
Effects: It very useful for a mite insect control. Nad help to growth the plant.
Advantage: It is very easy have no sprayer then you simply sparay on the pipe or mug. That are locally available for a village. Where village has no freez then no problems only sorry the cold water. It is low cost. This solution has no side effects.
Butter milk fermented:
Materials: butter milk and same amount of water.
Procedure: same amount of buttermilk and water are mixed and keep it for 2 days in the semi shadow area.
Application: New take the extract and added 40 liters’ water and 10 liters of extract then mixed 50 liters the solution and spray it on the early morning time helping the sprayer.
Effect: It extract are help to reduce the unwanted pathogens. It solution has useful nutrients that increase the plant growth and maturation of the plant.
Advantage: It is locally available. It is low cost solution. The fermented buttermilk​ has produced huge amount of bacteria that bacteria are help to suppress the growth of other fungi  and protozoa.
By: Soumitra Maity


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