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Emphasis on the Union Budget 2017-18 on grounds of Agriculture and Rural Development

TRANSFORM, ENERGIZE and CLEAN INDIA is abbreviated and recorded as TEC-INDIA which was the prime slogan for the Union budget 2017-18 which was presented by finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley on the 1st of February. Two exceptional incidents took course regarding this budget which were –
·       The budget was presented on the first week of February against the last week of that month.
·       The Rail budget was merged into the Union budget for the very first time.
The aftershock of the demonetization issued by the government has left lasting effects on the current economic condition of the country. To bring transparency in the economic grounds of the country, the current finance minister has focused on mainly 10 themes. Among them one of the prime focus was in the Agriculture and Rural Development sector–


1.    A sum total of rupees 10 lakhs has been invested for agricultural load with 60 days’ interest waiver for demonetization.
2.    NABARD fund has been increased to Rs 40000 crore from 20000 crores.
3.    A micro irrigation fund would be established for NABARD with 4000 crores initially.
4.    Mini labs would be established in KVKs for soil testing.
5.    In the dairy sector, dairy processing infrastructural fund allocated has been around 2000 crore
6.    State basis contract farming model would be designed for the enhancement of production.
7.    The soil health card gained huge appreciation from the farmer community.
8.    The Rural Development, Agriculture and other sectors the total allocated fund money is exactly 1 lakh 87 thousand 223 crores.
1.    The country would achieve 100% Village Electrification by March 2018.
2.    Allocated fund for budget for the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna is 27000 crores.
3.    During 2017-18, 10 lakh farm ponds will be taken up under MGNREGA scheme.
4.    By helping the NRDWO (National Rural Drinking Water Programme), the transportationwill be supplied in 28000 villages. Special preference has been given for arsenic polluted areas.
5.    Allocation for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna has been increased upto 23000 crore whch was 19000 crores previously.
6.     Government will take steps to enhance the participation of women in GNREGA which is now 55%.
7.    The target of the government was to bring atleast 1 crore households out of the clutches of poverty by 2019.
8.      In the Rural Development sector alone, 3 lakh crore has been allocated.

By: Arpan Mondal  


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