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Gandhiji is one of those men who, living an austerely simple life themselves and devoted to all the highest principles of love to their fellow beings and to truth and justice, touch the eyes of the weaker brethren as with magic and give them a new vision. He is a man who may be well described as a man among men, a hero among heroes, a patriot among patriots, and we may say that in him Indian humanity at the present time has reached its high water mark.
He has in him the marvellous spiritual power to turn ordinary men around him into heroes and martyrs. He says that, if you wish the good of those you come in contact with, the only way to achieve the end is to be good yourself. Self-improvement and self-culture are his ideals. He always acts upon the proverb "Example is better than percept," and that's how all his theories and practice are blended so harmoniously one with another in his daily life. No earthly temptations are too strong for him. And none of them can make hi…

NIOS: A Schooling System with a difference

One of the old sanskrit scriptures described how and from where do we learn. It states:
"A Quarter of our learning comes from our Teachers,
Own intellect and talent provides a Quarter.
A Quarter from the peers and friends and
Remaining comes only with Time."
This age old wisdom and the contribution of research on human learning in this century indicates that
important role of learning, rather than Teaching, on acquisition of Knowledge.
Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna said, "as long as I live, so long do I learn". Each and every time we take a step
we learn, knowingly or unknowingly. For example, when we go to a vegetable vendor to buy potatoes,
we observe, we select, we negotiate, we learn about various Qualities of potatoes, we learn about
weighing, we learn accounting and we also to learn socialise. So, that is the amount of learning which
takes place with a simple reality like buying vegetables. You can very well imagine the amount of
learning which may…

Regulating Struggle for Bauxite Mine Safety: Native Asur communities in Jobhipat

Jobhipat Bauxite Mine is situated near village Narma, post office Jobhipat, police station Bishunpur, district Gumla, state Jharkhand with the local dialects like nagpuri, hindi, oriya, bihari and kurukh. This bauxite mine is spread across 1,29,445 ha with annual digging rate of 3,28,739 tons. If we go to it's historical legacy, then mining here started around may 1974 on 129.44 hectares then on lease basis for 20 years. Then Hindalco Industries Limited from the house of Aditya Birla Group came here with an renewal application and again started digging from 15th may, 1992. Later, the third renewal was approved on 15th may 2013, under Rule 12 of MCR 1960 and now the renewal is modified with rule no 17(3) of MCR 2016, which sanctions them a optimum lease period extended upto 17th may 2024, as per MMDR (Amendment) Act 2015. The land under mining was earlier comprising of mainly agricultural land, forest land and jungle jhari land which was quite more fertile then. The starting of min…

Traditional Marital Status of Santal Community

The important phase of life cycle is marriage. In the turning point of life marriage is very much significant in human social life. It is found among the every people of the society. It not only provides to make contact with the other people of the society but also gives an individual a social status. So, there are many rites and rituals are related with marriage. Marriage is socially recognized bonding of man and woman as this term is culturally constructed typically for the purpose of legitimate reproduction, the establishment of family or a creation of new household. So when mating gets social approval and when it controls the relation of a mated pair to each other, their kinsmen, their offspring and society at large, it will be known as marriage. Thus, marriage is the basis of the human society. Marriage in Santals community is a sign of prosperity and beginning of new life. The institution of marriage is very strong among them. Among them marriage is known as “Bapla”.Marriage have…

The Land of Marshy Earth - Jobhipat

Jobhipat, as the name goes, stands for the land of marshy areas. Situated on a hill on a high altitude, the land is mainly a jungle where roads have been cut for human purposes. Human civilization has also managed to set up a society there, with the due course of time. The scenic beauty is breathtaking, no doubt. Well, the readers must be skeptical of the life that those people lead. Here's what.         The people belong to the Asur community and have set up a small village of about 50 houses nearly, and call themselves family. Not very scattered households, but evenly spaced out, I must say. No electricity, no water supply, no proper basic requirements, and yet- people are happy and satisfied. Nothing to complain about. They work all day, drink at night, and go to sleep by 8 in the evening. Not much complications, like us city people. You could only see greenery as to that length your eyesight allows. Different hues of green, tinted with sunlight in the day, and darkness in the…

Application of Remote Sensing & GIS Application in Watershed Management

Remote sensing and GIS techniques have emerged as powerful tools for watershed management programmes. Watershed management is the process of formulating and carrying out a course of action involving manipulation of natural system of a watershed to achieve specified objectives. This implies the proper use of land and water resources of watershed for optimum production with minimum hazard to natural resources. The quantitative analysis of drainage system is an important aspect of characterization of watersheds. Morphometry is measurement and mathematical analysis of landforms. Satellite images used for this study include Landsat 8 OLI image of 2018 year with a spatial resolution of 30m.Drainage networks and other baseline information of the watershed were prepared from the Survey of India top sheets on 1:50,000 scale and were further updated using satellite data. Landsat 8 OLI data of study area co-registered to Survey of India toposheet was used for displacement in the crust of the ear…